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smileys 03-02-2005 04:19
OK I finally decided to update my smiley themes because of some inspiration so yeah.

Hamburgers are finally transparent.

Both themes no longer have a spurious .xvpics directory...That's the only change to kitties in fact

updated 11-11-2004 23:58
Alright well I updated the hardware section according to the changes. I'm also taking off the slackware link, since I no longer use slackware on any of my computers. Poor slackware, it will be missed. Out with the old, in with the new I guess... In other news I literally have almost every service restored on the new server, it's amazing how much quicker I get things done with gentoo, despite the compile times.

new server! 11-11-2004 22:09
Well xLin is on the 200gb and xPdc is now running gentoo on the 160gb drive. So far so good. I'm surprised how smoothly this has gone. This page is now running on apache 2 as well...

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