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updated desktop pics 11-22-2002 16:52
I updated my Linux desktop pic. It now is using Openbox in the picture.

Site changed a bit. 11-21-2002 16:15
I fixed up the tables in Hardware a bit and created tables for the news now too. I've also got a newscript thingy and so far everythings working fine so thats good. The dates are screwed up on the prevoius posts this thing doesn't let me change them so you'll just have to live with it.

New windowmanager 11-21-2002 15:52
I'm using openbox now. It's a modified blackbox with a shitload more features. I like it a lot. I am hoping to get some new screenshots up soon. I'm waiting for a new less buggy build of gnome and then I'll be all set.

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