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oh how i love css 05-25-2005 16:07
So I've been simplifying the css of this page recently, split out code common to all themes to a separate file, among other things. I also fixed up the top theme, it now works better than ever. Last but not least I fixed up a long standing issue with filenames having a * in them when using etool -f, oh yeah not even equery works properly with this, so I'm glad I got this working. Seems qpkg is finally gone from gentoolkit, so unless you want to stick with the slow equery, you better get etool while it's fresh!

updates updates 05-06-2005 01:29
I redid the entire php backend of this site and added a new theme a little while back, which I cleaned up a bit just now. I completely redid the files section, I think it's a lot nicer now. That's all for now I guess.

new pics 03-08-2005 00:57
I updated most of the pics in the hardware section. I actually did this a few days ago so it's been that way a little while now..

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